PRD - Production and immobilization of recombinant dextransucrases (DSases) using residuals of the sugarcane agroindustry

One goal of the national (Cuban) policies is related to food security. To feed its population, Cuba currently strongly relies on importation. It is a priority for the Cuban government to implement investment strategies on initiatives directed to substitute importations in the agroindustrial sector. Sugar production generates a wide range of by-products which can be used as raw materials to get new, with higher value added products. The Cuban authorities have called on ICIDCA to find sustainable alternatives to imported products. New technologies need to be developed, among which sugarcane derivatives made from sugar itself.

This project aims at creating a biotransformation process of sugar into dextran and dextran derivatives (iron dextran and prebiotics gluco-oligosaccharides) which are used as poultry feed additives (as common saying: “a healthy poultry is healthy for man”). Another important concern of ICIDCA is the impact of these technologies on the environment. The sugarcane sector is the main producer of bioethanol, which generates millions of liters of vinasses, the residues after distillation. Vinasses contain high percentages of organic matter, causing severe environmental contamination. The project will create a new biotechnological process for transforming vinasses in a valorized enzymatic biocatalyst able to synthesize the above mentioned prebiotics and other biomaterials or biopolymers. A second objective of the project is to promote the development of skills in Cuba and to be a window of Cuban scientific knowledge for other countries faced with similar problems.

Additional Info

  • Pays: Cuba
  • Région: Amérique latine & Caraïbes
  • Coordonnateur Nord: Benoît MOREAU, HEPH Condorcet
  • Coordination en Belgique: HEPH Condorcet
  • Partenaires Nord: SupAGRO INRA, HE Lucia de Brouckère, HENALLUX
  • Partenaires locaux:

    CUBAN Research Institute on Sugarcane By-product,Unidad Empresarial de Base (UEB) "Bioprocess Cuba-10", University of Havana

  • Secteur: 321 - Industries manufacturières
  • Sous-secteur: 32161 Agro-industries
  • Type d'intervention: Recherche
  • Date de démarrage: Monday, 15 May 2017
  • Date de fin: Monday, 16 May 2022
  • Budget: 467.908,87 €

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